Ingrid’s Beginning

Ingrid Bergman at age 14, it is the earliest photo I have been able to find of her.

Finally a Star who wasn’t discovered in an ice cream parlor or walking along the street. Ingrid Bergman became the star she was by winning an acting competition when she was 17 with the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Ingrid was born and raised in Sweden, both her parent died when she was young so she moved around with Aunts who raised her until her move into the spotlight.  Ingrid was quoted saying “As I walked off the stage, I was in mourning, I was at a funeral. My own. It was the death of my creative self. My heart had truly broken… they didn’t think I was even worth listening to, or watching.”, but later it was discovered that the judges loved Ingrid’s performance and didn’t need to see any other actors after her.

Her career moved quickly as she was immediately cast in a play, although first year students were rarely put on stage. After her first year Ingrid became involved in a film, and from there the rest is history. She quit the stage for the studio and her career blossomed to sound films, and then a move to Hollywood where despite her fears she was welcomed with open arms.

Perhaps her career took off and lasted so long because she was a real actress from the beginning, it was no pose or tight sweater that threw Ingrid into the spotlight and that is something that can really be appreciated.

(Information found from, and the lovely wikipedia page)

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  1. Bergman is such a “cerebral” choice. She, like Bette Davis, cultivated a star image that was all about the quality of her acting–though she also obviously had tremendous classical beauty going for her, unlike Davis who had to market her “nontraditional” good looks. That photo of Bergman at 14 is lovely. It mirrors much of what makes her so striking in a great many of her films.

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