Ingrid Bergman

Fun Facts

In doing some research on Ingrid Bergman I have found a lot of information that surprised me. The first fact being that she acted in five different languages (English, German, Swedish, Italian, French).

Bergman was lucky enough to have made three films with Alfred Hitchcock (Spellbound, Notorious and Under Capricorn.)


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First Sound Film

A photo from the film Munkbrogreven



Munkbrogreven or Count of the Old Town was Bergmans first film she did that had a speaking role. This Swedish from 1935 has become famous for being Bergman’s first sound film debut.



Movie Poster

















Ingrid Bergman…who hasn’t heard that name. It may only be due to the all too famous Casablanca, but that is enough to make me want to look more into this woman’s life and career. I don’t know much about her other than her role in Casablanca but I am eager to research her and her vast career that started fairly early but lasted so long.



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